Lots to love about Lovelock / by Annette Tait

 Photo courtesy of Lovelock/Pershing County (Nev.) Chamber of Commerce. (http://loverslock.com/)

Photo courtesy of Lovelock/Pershing County (Nev.) Chamber of Commerce. (http://loverslock.com/)

What’s so special about Lovelock? It’s a little town of about 2,500 people in the Nevada desert. Smack-dab between the “metropolis” of Fernley -- pop. 19,193, and Winnemucca, pop. 8,002, where travelers turn north to Twin Falls, Idaho. Reno/Sparks, the closest "big city," is about 90 miles west.

Let me tell you -- travelers who pass up Lovelock for pit stops in larger places don’t know what they’re missing. I sure didn’t!

At first glance, there’s not much to see. The gas station/convenience store combo is right at the end of the I-80 off-ramp, and face it – that’s usually why we leave the interstate in the first place, right?

Luckily, I’m not a typical traveler. I like to stretch my legs a little when I stop, plus I’ve hit the stage where too much road food makes for a rumbling tummy and a sleepless night.

 Temptations -- come on in, relax and visit!

Temptations -- come on in, relax and visit!

So I asked the clerk at the c-store if there was a grocery store or bakery in town. There was, and SO MUCH more! I got an earful of ideas from the clerk, and that was just the beginning.

The little – by city folk standards – grocery store has a respectable bakery and an equally as friendly staff as the c-store.

“Did you know there’s an ice cream shop down the street a bit? And they have a coffee bar there, too. Too bad you missed the museum – if you stay over, you can see it tomorrow.”

It turned out Temptations had healthy food and snack options and a comfy seating area, too, and, if I’d called ahead, I could have even scheduled a special museum tour of my own. There’s also a historic courthouse and train depot, the Lovelock Cavesghost towns, recreation, and more.

See what’s happening here? Lovelock does it RIGHT! Everywhere I went, someone had a suggestion or idea for something else I could see or do. I had no idea – I’d passed up Lovelock myself dozens of times, in too big a hurry to bother to stop.

 Photo courtesy of Pershing County, Nev.  (http://pershingcounty.net/)

Photo courtesy of Pershing County, Nev.  (http://pershingcounty.net/)

In just 2 square miles, Lovelock packs “3 public parks, a skateboard park, a community swimming pool, a hospital, elementary, middle, and high schools, a public library, a community center, and many businesses ranging from feed stores to casinos.” The town capitalizes on its name with Lock Your Love, taking Nevada weddings to a whole new level, literally, with a Lovers Aloft hot-air balloon weekend and other unique romantic options.

As you can see by all the links, they don’t hide their light under a bushel basket, either. It’s easy to find Lovelock online, with not only the city’s website but also the county Chamber of Commerce site, and up-to-date Facebook pages.

And the best part?  Enjoying Lovelock’s offerings isn’t just on their terms -- they make it convenient for visitors.

Take a closer look at Lovelock. They’re doing it right.