Ways the ‘National Day Calendar’ can help your town / by Annette Tait

As community leaders, we understand the struggle to find great promotions for our communities and their businesses.  Wouldn't it be great to have a FREE idea generator? Here's one we found, and we LOVE it!

In 2013, Marlo Anderson went live with the National Day Calendar. It is chock-full of fabulous days, weeks and even whole months of fabulous things to celebrate! If you’re anything like us, you get practically giddy when National Sea Monkey Day (Oct. 23) or National Chicken Dance Day (May 14) rolls around. (We love you Marlo!)

Simply visit to the website -- www.nationaldaycalendar.com, click on a month, and find a day -- and a cool subject -- and run a promotion featuring it.

Encourage your local eateries to celebrate days like National Hamburger Day (May 28) or perhaps a bake-off for National Apple Pie Day (May 13) is in your future? 

Businesses can co-celebrate days like National Free Shipping Day (Dec. 16) or National Get-to-Know-Your-Customers Day (April 20) and National Support Your Chamber Day (Oct. 19)

You can celebrate entire weeks!  U.S. Snow Sculpting week is Feb 1-5.  How cool would it be to see snow sculptures all about town?

As a community, consider capitalizing on a theme by celebrating an entire month. For instance, June is National Camping Month. What camping areas are near you? Can you partner with any of them to offer a promotional deal? Maybe your shops can have great sales on fishing/camping/hiking gear during this time. Or how about on-site games or activities -- or even a contest -- at the campground?

Why not give your local service clubs a big boost by celebrating them and all they do within the community?  Maybe a week filled with activities involving the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts would be in order -- National Boy Scout Week is Feb 5-11, and National Girl Scout Day is Oct. 31.

There are so many days, weeks, and months to celebrate!  Click through the National Day Calendar and see how many ways you can give your town a boost with a little creativity.

Looking for something a little more personalized? You can also register YOUR OWN DAY -- how cool is that?

And maybe, just maybe, if you have a fun or fabulously compelling story to tell, Marlo can come see you as part of the National Day Calendar’s “Official Destination” feature. Winners get special goodies, and a visit from the National Day Calendar team, complete with a media advisory.

What are you waiting for? Check it out!