5 #ShopSmall tips for you / by Annette Tait


    The holidays and Shop Small Saturday are  right around the corner. SMS has been an amazing boost for many small businesses thanks to American Express.  (You can sign up for free customize-able marketing materials)   

   But "Shop Small" doesn't have to be a one day event. You can encourage people to visit your store or your community any and every day of the year.

These  five simple tips will get you on your way.

1)  Give locals and special customers a 'sneak peak' -  By having a sneak peak of new items, specialty goods, extra services- what ever it is, you build excitement and a feeling of exclusivity  for upcoming releases or events. 

2) Co-promote with other businesses or vendors.  Nearly any business can find a creative way to co-promote with another business.  For example- a local hotel could partner with a salon or spa to offer discounted services during their customers stay.  Co-pro's are an especially effective and affordable marketing for small towns. (Read more about Co-Pros)

3) Plan creative post holiday displays and events. Black Friday through Christmas does not have to be the only time you go all out. Celebrate anything you want. Need inspiration? The National Day Calendar has multiple "National Days" every single day of the year.  Creative displays help plant seeds subliminally- Most people remember what they see.  

4) Coupons! Put a coupon good for X or YZ in each bag good for a later date to encourage repeat shopping. It doesn't need to be anything extravagant- Everybody likes to save a little cash, and this gives them a reason to come back.

5)Have pre-wrapped gifts mixed into your display.  Make gift giving easy. Have some pre-wrapped items already to go mixed into your displays. It's value added because your customer does not need to go through the hassle of wrapping it themselves. Ideal for last second shopping or holidays like Valentines, Mothers Day, Christmas, Fathers Day etc.