Everything but a Starbucks / by Annette Tait

Regan, ND is a little town on the prairie. 44 people and 40 miles to the 'city'. 

When you drive through Regan, it's easy to think there is nothing there. No businesses and no people.  But there IS something there. In fact- lots of somethings. 

Regan is loaded with hidden treasures in plain sight.

Meet Marvin Gillig- He has been Mayor of Regan for over 30 years! That's a long time in public service. From snow removal to mowing to volunteer fire, this man does it all. 

Regan has a Historic Main Street. It could easily be right out of a movie set!  The old StoneWall Bar began life as the First State bank of Regan. It was pretty lively as a bar and folks came from miles around. Ask some old timers about it- they have stories! (some they or may not want repeated) 

Regan has an Event Center for rent. There is an upstairs, downstairs and full gym for your use as well as a commercial kitchen.  Great for parties, weddings, executive retreats and more. *Bonus! There is also a 'smaller' venue too. - generally known as the "new grade school" 

There is a fabulous park with a great old school playground and outdoor picnic shelters for your enjoyment.

The little rock building on N.E side Main Street used to be Ma Bell . Remember when it was BIG deal to go to the phone store and order a new telephone? I do! 

Regan has manufacturing. J & I Fabrication & Welding makes cattle panels, continuous fencing and more, as well as repair work. J & I also has several FULL TIME employees.

There are photo opportunities at the Old Jail. This jail is one of the last remaining stone jails in North Dakota. Fun fact: At the time it was built it also housed the fire engine.  Drop in and get your photo in one of the cells. There's even a Geo-tag for it! 

Photo opps, History and Tourism all in one

Regan has homes and lots just waiting for you to bring your family or start a business. 

The Regan Farmers Union Elevator was once one the most profitable in the state. And there is an active American Legion and a resident artist. 

Not bad for a tiny town!

~When I drive through Regan, I do not see "nothing". I see POSSIBITY on every corner.  I see someone using the kitchen for a bakery, I picture city weary executives using the event center for a day retreat, I see photo opps for car clubs and architecture buffs. I see young families and retirees looking for a slower pace. I picture so much!

So the next time you drive through a small town, take a look around. there is always more than meets the eye. Peel back the layers and see what is hidden in plain sight. 

As for coffee... It definitely isn't a Starbucks, but you can assured of a welcome at any door you knock on and coffee and conversation.