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Take-aways galore! Tait & Kate don't just talk -- they energize audiences with real-life examples to liven up hard-core facts and data that come from credible sources: business giants like Forbes and American Express, and research that directly connects to each individual audience.

  • 'How to, and how not to' -- Like the trees in the forest, these basics often get lost in the everyday work of running a business or other organization. Pick from Top 10, Top 5, or narrow way down to the Top 3 things every owner and manager should practice and reinforce daily.
  • 'Tips, Tricks, & Strategies' -- Pick the low-hanging fruit with take-aways to try right away. These are easy to implement, low-cost/no-cost options to apply within your own business or in your community, that start paying back in short order.
  • Specialized topics -- Let Tait & Kate design a presentation or workshop specifically to fit your conference, seminar, or industry. We'll do the homework, you reap the rewards!

New eyes offer a different -- and sometimes surprising -- view on what you see every day. That fresh perspective may show you strong points you didn't even know you have, while also helping to face not-so-good areas in need of improvement.

And even better, we'll help you figure out what options are within your reach as you move forward. 

  • Businesses & Organizations -- Internal and external audiences are more alike than they are different. Does your audience perceive the product, service, and environment in the same way you do? If not, what needs to be done? Let Tait & Kate help you find out, then look at options for next steps.
  • Communities -- Attract visitors to spend time and money in your community by building and strengthening from the inside out. It's easier than it may seem -- let us give you examples and ideas!
  • Industry -- Do your stakeholders have similar operations with similar challenges? We can work with your members to provide a tool set to build from for their individual needs and goals.
  • And more -- Tait & Kate will work to tailor their efforts to individual groups or situations that don't quite fit into the above categories. Get in touch -- let's see what we can do for you!